Who We Are
CitizenReporter.com™ is a next-generation local and global news network and blogoshere based on the idea of participatory citizen journalism and social media.

We provide a universal web-based news platform for the sourcing, posting and delivery of breaking local, regional, national and global news stories as captured by eyewitnesses like you – our Citizen Reporters™ - for viewing on-demand and sharing by the public at large on any Internet enabled device, anywhere in the world, anytime!

What We Offer

CitizenReporter.com™ is powerful simply because we display unedited, unbiased and unrehearsed breaking news stories and events with related pictures and videos that have been captured on cell phones and video camera by eyewitnesses from around the world. There is no filtering or spinning of the news. It is breaking news that is relevant, unrehearsed, raw and engaging!

Regardless if the new story is about a local girl’s soccer league game as covered by a soccer mom, a bad weather event, a home grown business success story, an education issue, a not-so-honest politician or national and international news events, we’ll deliver relevant news stories that are most important to you – because they are news stories that influence you, your lives and your communities on a daily basis!

Once launched, our citizen journalism news network will feature many local editions for most U.S. cities and dozens of International countries.

So stay tuned, we’ll be broadcasting to a PC near you soon!